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Discovering facts in the disciplines of science, physics and mathematics not only gives me pleasure, but also stimulates ideas that seem to have a natural affinity with the language and principles of Constructivist and Systems art.

Within the parameters of these disciplines, the number and disposition of colours, the scale, and the materials used, offer an immense variety of possibilities.

In all cases, the work starts from basic proportions; through working drawings I find visual ideas that I want to use, developing them in whatever scale or medium serves best, hence the unusual diversity of my work.

As an example, the principle: "The whole diversity of the universe is reducible to the same building blocks of matter" was the underlying idea behind my body of work that derived from the 'Dudeney Dissection', the breaking down of a square into four elements which can then be re-assembled as an equilateral triangle. This idea fuelled over a decade's worth of paintings, reliefs and sculpture.

My current work relates to the properties of a Root-2 rectangle.

It was my interest in colour and the quality of light that led to my spending so much of my life abroad.

Further examples of my work

Emma Hill at Eagle Gallery

Eagle Gallery EMH Arts
159 Farringdon Road, London EC1R 3AL

Tel: +44 (0)20 7833 2674

Art UK

Government Art Collection



Line of Enquiry  published by EMH Arts, 2012;  preface by Mel Gooding and text by Alan Fowler.

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Natalie Dower: The Music of Systems Andrew Lambirth, Jonathan Clark (London) Jonathan Clark, 2007


With Patrick Morrissey, July 2014

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